Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Europe!

Some exciting news, friends. In September and October my paintings will be exhibited in the UK with Edgar Modern Gallery. It'll be my first show in Europe, but hopefully not the last. :) Anyone out there located in Bath or London? Stay tuned for exhibition details, and maybe you can stop by and tell me how the show looks!

Just finished packing and shipping these babies off for their international debut.

 Four Gardens, Oil on paper, 12"x9", 2011

 Seek, Oil on canvas panel, 8"x10", 2012 and Race, Oil on canvas, 12"x16", 2012

Dive, Oil on panel, 8"x6", 2012

Let's hope they sell. And that I won't have to pay shipping fees again. Cheers, friends!


  1. really amazing!

  2. How exciting! What nice news for you! Good luck. They are beautiful!

  3. How incredible–congratulations! May there be many more!

  4. Oh now i can't decide which one I love more, they are all like a wonderful dream!

  5. Your parents must be so incredibly proud of you.

  6. Beautiful! I hope they all sell Kimia!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Exciting news! Congratulations! Beautiful paintings...I hope the show is a success {as I'm sure it will be}! xx

  8. Hooray - how exciting! Love the last painting - was that from your time in India?

    1. thanks! i actually made it right after we got back from india--so definitely still inspired by my time there i'm sure. ;)

  9. they are absolutely beautiful and congratulations--how wonderful and exciting. You must be so humbled, incredible.

    I love your work.


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