Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Honeymoon photos: Koh Samui + Koh Tao

Our third honeymoon stop was to Koh Samui, which is known for its white sand beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples, and world famous snorkeling. 

We stayed at the Montien House, which has some of the best food I've ever eaten (their mango shakes are out of control). Also, the hotel was home to the sweetest dog and all her adorable puppies!

The Big Buddah Temple was absolutely stunning. I love the gorgeous pale colors against the high karat gold leaf. 

The monks were also pretty awesome. :)

On our last day in Samui, we took a day trip out to the island of Koh Tao for snorkeling. The beaches are stunning (as usual), and the coral reefs are so vast and intricate.

Our trip back to Bangkok took 2 days. Travel within Thailand (unless you're flying), can be arduous and slow, to say the least. It was around this time that we got a bit stir crazy...and decided to count the various uses for a lens cap.

On our last night in Bangkok, we went to the 5 star Oriental Hotel for drinks on their riverside terrace. This hotel is all things luxury with a lobby dress code to boot. Ken and I looked so out of place with our flip flops. :) Apparently, if you've ever stayed at the Oriental, they will remember your name, favorite breakfast foods, and prefered flowers for your next visit!

We just settled for smoothies, and called it a night. :) 

Our flight home was another highlight since we got upgraded to business class on Japan Airlines! Airplane food never looked better.

Ken thanked the airplane gods for our good fortune--and for chairs that reclined to 180 degrees.

I'm in the process of editing all our video footage, so expect to see a T is for Thailand honeymoon film in a few weeks! Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. :) xo.

*For more pictures visit my Flickr account here

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