Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our place cards

I promised myself I wouldn't do any posts about our wedding until I had the official photographs back from Jose, but the wait is killing me! So to tide me over, here's a little sneak peak at one of my favorite details on our big day... 

As you may have guessed, I'm a sucker for creative place cards. I scoured the internet to find fun and imaginative ideas appropriate for SF's City Hall (they have rules about rules).

Three weeks before the wedding, I came across DivaEntertain's elegant chocolate bar place cards. Being the chocolate nut I am, and having already ordered chocolate party favors from Ghiradelli, I figured I should just embrace my addiction and do what any sugar loving bride would do--buy more. Can chocolate be a wedding theme? I'm gonna go with, yes. 

The paper wrappers arrived just in the nick of time! Thank you Debra for being so sweet and rush ordering them for me. And thank you to my thrifty brother, who sat down for 3 days straight and hand calligraphied our guests' names and table numbers onto the wrappers. We tied the silver ribbons on individually, then fixed the wrappers on the back with round silver stickers from OfficeMax--that was my dad's brilliant little addition to the project. :)

After the wrappers were ready, I went to Walgreens and cleaned out their Cadbury 3.42 oz chocolate bar stash. The cashier snickered when I put 3 crates of chocolate on the counter to pay, so I explained they were for my wedding--in two days. He promptly congratulated me, then invited himself to our reception. :) 

Needless to say, the final product was a hit with our guests! Sugar comas were reported from one and all. Many thanks to the beautiful fleur de jour for the photos! xo. 

And in case you missed them, here's a peek at some other fun place cards:

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